Rethm Maarga V2 single driver speakers - audition and be prepared to be astounded

Our 1st pair of the new Rethm Maarga V2 single driver speakers have finally arrived and after a day of letting them settle in we took time out for a listen, to say we are already happily amazed would be an understatement as they need a good 200hrs on them before they fully start coming on song.
We heard incredibly instant dynamics, total musical integration and timing, an open, full range presentation, very focused imaging with the beautiful, subtle nuances that very good single drivers speakers are known to be famous for.
While single driver speaker can present the mid range in special a way that few other designs can achieve, it would be fair to say that often they can be rather too polite in the lower notes, however these Rethms with their unique solution have overcome this issue, their range of Trishna, Maarga & Saadhana speakers offer a true full range that will delight the listener without compromising the overall outcome.
To begin with we partnered the Maargas up with the lovely little Triode TRV-A88SE 12w class A - single ended Integrated amp (fitted with EAT KT88 tubes), even with this low wattage, because of the Maargas high 99dB efficiency, there is no hint of breathlessness, they just danced,  then to see how they might perform at the other extreme we also connected them up the magnificent VAC Sigma 160i KT88 85w Integrated amplifier and that too bought another wonderful dimension to these  incredible speakers, so the Maargas are not limited to just only low wattage amps, they will happily dance to a wide range of amplification.

Not too far away is the new Rethm Gaanam SECA 7591 tube ,16w single-ended pure class-A,, 2 box Integrated amp that Jacob has especially designed for single ended / efficient speakers, we are looking forward to its arrival.

If you have ever wondered what all the fuss is about concerning single driver speakers, or if you have heard them before and not been totally convinced, then can I invite you to suspend any prejudices and come along with your music and audition these very unique Maargas, I promise you that you will leave knowing there is another way that is also very special that can takes its place in serious high-end audio. Give me ring to book time with the Maargas,,I would be delight to be able to introduce you to an appreciation of the other way.