Release of the fabulous newly revised Transmit-8 SE501 MkII - 805 tube mono blocks

Announcing the launch of new highly revised Transmit8 MKII (manufactured in NZ)  
If you thought the original T8 SE50 was something nuique , then can we invite you to have a good look at the newly rleased SE 501 MkII version. Responding to market comments, Wayne has made many significant changes in just about every area, it shows the huge commitmant he has to ensuring the T8 can now take  it's srightful place as a genuine High-End  power amp.

"Quick update -New T8 amps are complete - Major rovements - 4 Ohm speaker matching,running 805 tube harder (still well within spec.) which it seems to enjoy,KT66 Driver Tube run harder (also well within spec.).Required significant redesign of transformers (power and output),changed some capacitors for higher voltages so its a new animal altogether."

 visit T8 new website: 

The T8s have certainly engendered themselves to all who have heard them make music dance through the Ktemas & big Triangle Magellan Concertos, what a joy it’s been. Their fabulous, out-there Diesel Punk Art design has attracted a lot of positive comment, initially I thought they might be a bit too bloaky but it’s been hugely encouraging to also see the ladies greatly admire this unique creation too. The T8s are quickly becoming stand out amps in our high system, working magnificently alongside our new Krell Cipher SACD player, new Phantom-II preamp and the lovely EAT Forte-S turntable. Lots of long nights and red wine rediscovering our music library again.

Wayne’s Mission:
Our mission guide was to extract as much musical information that could be delivered from a recorded source and deliver it in a way that captured the intention of the artist, producer and engineer .
We didn’t want a euphoric sound. The aim was to bring shimmer and sparkle, natural midrange and bass without the added hardness/sharpness of dominant 3rd harmonic, preferring more 2nd harmonic.

Clients comment:
Many thanks indeed for the sneak opportunity to experience the Transmit8 SE50 mono-block amplifiers really was a breathtaking experience. From attending a number of your listening evenings, you have presented the opportunity to listen to music through some very high end equipment and be amazed at the music reproduction, but the experience on Saturday was even more special, as Maria and her band members were seemingly reproduced in an audible holographic presentation, right there in front of you. Wow – totally dynamic. The photos of the Transmit8 SE50 mono-blocks on the web site do not do them justice, as they are larger than life and the build quality is exceptional and proudly, ...they  are New Zealand made. I look forward to reading the wow reviews that they will produce in the future. Even though I have a Hi-Fi system that I am proud of, it will be a while before I can play Maria Muldaur again!