Quadral Vulcan VIII R - "Highly Recommended" award by HiFi news

Dear audiophile,
We have been very excited about our VULKAN VIII R test review in UK's most important hi-fi magazine - hi-fi news. 
Now we have the result and it is very good! 
Awarded with "highly commended" shows the excellent performance of the speaker.
HiFi News Golden Notes:
Quadral’s story began in 1971 with its formation in Hanover, originally comprising two main divisions. One focused on the import and marketing of home entertainment equipment, the second concentrated on industrial production and development. It was the former half of this organisation that established the Quadral name as a loudspeaker manufacturer and its fi rst product appeared in 1973. It was not until 1981, however, that the launch of the original Titan loudspeakers took place, establishing the new Aurum brand name as the high-end option. 
This also marked the start of a great deal of R&D within the company, not only in terms of hi-fi and surround sound loudspeakers, but the vehicle and computer sound markets too. All Aurum models are handbuilt in Germany and carry a ten-year warranty, and the Titans are now on their eighth iteration. They are joined not only by the Vulkans and a comprehensive range of smaller siblings, but also two amplifiers and two CD players from the Aurum Electronics stable.