Quadral Platinum M4 easily wins multi-way floorstander test

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Speakers on test:

Quadral Platinum M4- Sound quality score: 85%
Paradigm Reference Studio 60- Sound quality score: 75%
Mordant & Short Aviano - Sound quality score: 73%
Dali Lector 8- Sound quality score: 78%
ELAC FS 189- Sound quality score: 83%
Teufel Ultima 40  - Sound quality: 65%

M4 comment:
Tonal neutrality, tight but extended bass and high resolution make Quadral Platinum M4 the stand-out choice.....

Test verdict:
I would save and buy the Quadral Platinum M4 which is the real find of this test. the M4 really does line up its ducks in a row. Listen to from slightly of axis it has a neutral overall tonal balance, extended but fleet of foot bass and sparkling treble, but it’s the way these are melded into a musically engaging whole that makes the M4 the winner of this test.
The big disappointment of this test was the Paradigm Studio 60 , it was the most expensive, but no speaker with so broad a hole in its mid-range output can expect to win a test against well designed product with its essentially flat output.