Quadral AURUM TITAN VIII wins high praise in Switzerland review

Sound result: 101 points, 
Price/Performance: OUTSTANDING AUDIO 11/11 (Germany)
For 30 years TITAN has stood at the leading edge with the quadral product line and enjoyed worldwide acclaim. For the occasion of this special anniversary we are pleased to introduce the TITAN VIII, which like its predecessor before, is a High End loudspeaker with uncompromising superior sound quality. The completely new construction design once more demonstrates technical possibilities and seduces its listeners with sound spheres of unrivalled authenticity. At the same time the latest design is visually significantly slimmer than its predecessor and so will easily fit into a noble living atmosphere.
Reviewer: Lothar Brandt 
This superbox is a master of both loud and soft tones.
+ fascinatingly balanced, highly cultivated sound
+ extremely deep-reaching, contoured bass
+ transparent, fine-resolution, unstrained brilliance
+ good efficiency factor and good spacialization
− requires at least a middle-sized room and free set-up
Even when not driven by super amplifiers, the new Quadral Aurum Titan storms the Mount Olympus of speakers. It is a bass-rich, very neutral, unspectacularly tuned box for almost any level, any musical style and almost any listening room larger than 25 square metres. If required, highly cultivated sound goes along with midriffmassaging dynamics. Special praise goes to the exemplary blending of a dynamic transducer and ribbon, and extra praise to the excellent workmanship.