PRESS RELEASE - NEW QUADRAL AURUM P8 / M8 pre-amp & power amplifier combination - Hand-made in Germany -

 The new P8 and M8 stereo pre-amp / power amplifier combination from AURUM enables the high-end experience to become pure culture.
The premium AURUM sound experience can easily be realised if a P8 pre-amplifier, which is hand-made by craftsmen in Germany, is added to your system and this will guarantee authentic and lifelike music reproduction of the highest quality. The P8 pre-amplifier has been equipped with a parallel symmetrical 4-way output stage so that this quality can be attained. Furthermore, AURUM also uses a special, sophisticated mains filter, which overrides any type of asymmetric or symmetric interference. Separate power supplies are used for the analogue and the digital stages to ensure that the best possible signal purity is always available. 192 kHz / 24-bit Burr-Brown chips are also used to ensure that the incoming digital signal is converted and transferred to the analog stage as precisely as possible. The volume control also works extremely precisely with 0.1 dB synchronisation. 
A particularly sensitive stage for high resolution music reproduction in the AURUM P8 is the digital module controller. The phase-locked loop (PLL) controls the interaction of the digital inputs and the transducer. Each of these stages is controlled by a controller that has been developed by our company. A sophisticated system using a fine passive filter decouples the digital modules from each other.
One of the standards implemented in order to guarantee sound purity is only to use top quality film capacitors (and they are way above average) in the signal path and never to use electrolytic capacitors. AURUM uses Bessel-filters to ensure optimum pulse transfers and to keep the acoustic performance at an excellent level. 
ot only is the AURUM P8 pre-amplifier the centre for acoustic reference services, it is also the control centre for a variety of external sources as well. In addition to the asymmetric Cinch inputs (phono input, MM/MC tuner, CD & AUX) you will also find 2 x symmetric inputs for the well-known and professional acoustic XLR technology, which guarantees extremely secure contacts. The range of connections is completed by the USB interface and the optical and co-axial digital inputs. 
The integrated phono amplifier equalises as per RIAA with an accuracy that is better than 0.2 dB. Incoming signals from MC and MM pickup systems are processed by the P8 using extremely low noise audio op-amp analog devices.
The AURUM M8 power amplifier, which can be switched to work in stereo or mono modes, makes the perfect addition, both acoustically and visually. Both modules will deeply impress you with the quality of the materials and the workmanship as well as the ageless visual appearance.
The P8 pre-amplifier uses a top quality, wide-band mains filter to ensure that interference levels are kept extremely low and this results in the best possible sound purity. The 850 VA toroidal transformer ensures that there is always huge reserves of power available. Even if you have been listening at concert hall level for a long time, there is always more than enough power available to you. 
The transformer has a particularly low dispersion range and this is the main feature of the special winding technology that has been used in it. Real dual mono-layouts on the secondary side of the transformer prevent any crosstalk between the channels. The two integrated low impedance power supply units produce an extremely stabile power supply and this guarantees that there are always huge reserves of power available – the result: Exceptionally dynamic and lifelike music reproduction. The input amplifier has its own power supply and the voltage amplifier increases the reproduction capabilities and the fine dynamics. 
The independent mains supply with separate earths for all of the M8’s digital circuit components ensures that the digital section’s voltage supply is fully isolated. 
Only top quality relays with hard gold plated contacts are used for switching between the signal sources. The relays are used to switch between the stereo and mono modes and they ensure that the process is virtually loss-free. Furthermore, the circuitry automatically optimises the operating voltage, which means that even power-hungry speakers with critical impedances can be driven by the high-power amplifier. 
When the M8 is working in stereo mode it provides 2 x 200 Watts at 4 Ω and if you are using the amplifier as a mono unit then it provides 350 Watts. High-temperature insulating foil is used to ensure that the P8 never reaches thermally critical ranges even at high loads. This dissipates the generated heat quickly and it also contributes to increasing the thermal reserves and extending the service life of the output transistors. 
The new AURUM pre-amplifier / power amplifier combination offers high-tech down to the last detail – here is the most important basic data: 
P8 pre-amplifier and the M8 power amplifier are fitted with top quality mains filters for ensuring the best possible sound quality 
Intricate, separated voltage supplies guarantee that the M8 and P8 work with the highest precision along the entire signal paths through the different stages 
P8 fitted with parallel symmetric 4-way output stage 
P8 fitted with Burr Brown D/A converter working at 192 kHz/24-bit 
P8 fitted with a high-end phono amplifier 
P8 pre-amplifier fitted with Cinch and XLR circuitry, optical and co-axial digital inputs and an USB interface 
P8 pre-amplifier: Extremely precise volume control that works at 0.1 dB synchronisation 
The M8 power amplifier can be switched between stereo or mono modes 
M8 fitted with symmetrical signal processing and high-performance relays for switching between stereo and mono modes 
High performance 850 VA toroidal transformer fitted in the M8 that uses special winding technology 
High-temperature insulation foil ensures high thermal reserves thanks to effective and rapid dissipation of any heat that is lost in the M8 power amplifier 
M8 power: 2 x 200 Watts (4 Ω) in stereo mode; 1  x 350 Watts in mono mode 
The P8 and the M8 designs are perfectly harmonised with each other 
Premium quality, hand-made in Germany
The high-end experts from Hanover have also enhanced the outfitting of the coveted AURUM C5 CD player, which has been highly praised in many tests. The unit is now equipped with C5DA, which indicates that it now has a digital input on board and you can use this excellently integrated D/A converter with other sources as well.