Penny and I are off to the Munich High-End show from 7th - 25th May

Someone has to make the call to visit the international audio shows to meet with manufacturers and to discover whats new in toy-land, I must admit its not hard, the 30+ hr plane trip soon gets forgotten once you are in amongst those crazy, hugely passionate designers and audiophiles and catching up with suppliers and friends. Everytime I go, I have to wonder how some of them manage to carry on. Their designs are so far out there, who actually buys into them, but its certainly a joy to be amongst them, discovering new thoughts and ideas and applications that help make music come alive.

I will be contactable as usual by email or txt (however with international call costs through the roof I wont be phoning back sorry)  but we will be out of sync with the NZ timetable so please excuse me if there are delays in getting back to you.

I am looking forward to sharing show news once I have my feet back under the desk again and all going according to plan the rooms should be completed while we are away, so we are looking forward to an official showroom opening soon after that.

We will be in touch, enjoy the music.

All the best