Our New Showroom is OPEN FOR BUSINESS

The doors are finally open to our new 15 Graham St showroom in the Victoria Quarter, Auckland CBD,  you are warmly invited to call by for the first few weeks between 9am - 4pm untill we settle into our standard appointment only program. However as we already have a number of auditions booked, please dont be offended if the door is closed during a demo sessions, it would pay to ring first to be sure.

We took possession of 15 Graham St in the heart of the Auckland CBD (2 streets down from the Sky tower towards Victoria Park) in June 2012 and since then, with the able help of Construct Architects and Cemac builders along with numerous very helpful trades, we  were able to convert what was once a shoe factory owned by the Paper Bag Co in 1950s and  then an Engineering warehouse,  and later the base for Construct Architects, who now reside next door, into our new location for the Audio Reference showroom which is based in the main front part of the building, A loft apartment has also been created in the rear portion along with a studio for Penny to paint which has become our new residence too.

We are looking forward to offering our clients a new and as always, a special experience in our new demo room with an extended range of unique audio gear, thank you for your patience while we put the final touches in place, now we are settled new shipments of a wider range of gear are arriving to rebuild our stock, so I am sure you will find that the wait has been worth it!