Our lovely Scansonic MB-1 stand mtg speakers receive a very good review by Tian Ma of AUDIOTECHNIQUE MAG:

SUMMARY (English translation): "the small speakers auditioned over the last 6mths are famous brands with first-rate design and sound quality, however the Scansonic MB-1 stand mtg speakers are special"

MB-1 plays a real and faithful sound effect without modifying the violin strings to sound magnificent, the violin shows itself from the beginning to the end without stop and the sound of strings firmly converges in the middle until the audiences applaud at the end of the performance. It is very enjoyable and satisfying to hear such a first-rate performance".

""The listener can feel the elastic force of bowstring in its sound, and the human voice was played very smoothly from low to high, and even the feeble breath and last syllable are clearly presented. In a word, it is very satisfying to hear this sort of sound effect".