Our beautiful little Scansonic MB1 stand mtg speakers from Denmark receive an excellent review by Andrew Everard:

REVIEW SUMMARY: In particular the tweeter works exceptionally well, with an open, airy sound when playing atmospheric live recordings, excellent sting with cymbals without any sense of overcooking things with excessive splash or sizzle, and fine midband fluidity and detailing.

The MB-1 covers its tracks extremely well, and you’re likely to be struck by how low these speakers can appear to go, along with the speed and tunefulness of the bass they deliver, .......There’s never any sense of a lack of weight, and by the standards of speakers of this size they’re extremely impressive.

What is beyond reproach is the superb sense of soundstage depth, width and focus the MB-1s present: listen to a live concert through them and you get a sonic picture extending between and beyond the speakers, and in which performers are placed solidly and reliably.