Our 1st pair of the awesome MAGICO S7s delivered today.....

Over the last couple of years its been a real pleasure working with David to assemble a magnificent, no compromise, high-end hifi system.

David ordered our 1st pair of the awesome Magico S7s and is driving them by equally phenomenal Accustic Arts MONO-III 650w monoblock amps, accompanied by MSB Signature DAC V and matching transport with an Aurender music streamer. The powered is controlled by a PS Audio P10 power reconditioner and power cables with Tellurium Q Silver Diamond interconnects and speaker cables throughout. Its all supported by a Finite Element rack and amp stands (however theses are no loner available and have been replaced with our new range of lovely TAOC racks from japan)

There are many well worn cliches to describe the musical outcome, but suffice to say “stunning” is definitely high on the list. 

What a joy it was to be a part of the culmination of creating the wonderful package when we introduced the S7s to the system today, replacing his previous B&Ws. The difference was significant.