Our 1st Brodmann Festival loudspeaker shipment has walked in the door

Our eagerly awaited shipment of the very elegant Brodmann Festival range of loudspeakers has arrived at last.  We have  set them up in the studio with the beautiful Electrocompaniet components and they are already amazing us with their very full yet detailed and dynamic presentation, the music feels alive.  

For those who are not yet aware of the Brodmann brand, which is relatively new to the audio world, they are one of the oldest piano manufacturing names in the world out of Austria. BRODMANN loudspeakers recently had their successful introduction to the market after taking over the previous Bosendorfer range of speakers. The previous range has been extensively revised and new models added to bring the even greater realisation of true music reproduction. I could clearly hear and appreciate the various differences between piano manufacturers like Steinway and Brodmann etc. If you appreciate genuine music realism then these could be the ultimate speakers for you.

It was at RMAF - Rocky Mountain Music Fest, where I first experienced Brodmann speakers, incidentally they were  bring driven by Electrocompaniet gear, One of the occasions I was in their room a Recording Engineer came and bought a pair of their new Festival F1 stand mounting speakers, when asked why Brodmann amongst all the rest at the show, his comment, "I have been looking for 3-1/2yrs for speakers that gave me what I know music sounds like, I have been playing my recordings throughout the show and Brodmann speakers are the first to give me what  I know is true to the real sound, so I am buying them today."  What better acclamation or higher praise do we need than that for a loudspeaker?

Brodmann loudspeakers are the first choice speaker by many of the renowned conductors and concert musicians along with many singers too, the reason given is because, " when  we practice with music Brodmann speakers bring to us the  truest musical outcome compared to the real music that we know so well",

If you are looking to enjoy a sound thats real, can I invite you to ring for an appointment to audition them with your music,  come and discover what they are talking about .