NEW RELEASE at Munich High-End show - Quadral AURUM ORKAN active and AURUM ALTAN active

Quadral's highly regarded AURUM range of speakers goes active: The speaker manufacturer from Hanover is delighted to be able to present two new and fully active premium sound transducers, the ORKAN VIII active and ALTAN VIII active. You will be deeply impressed by the highest manufacturing quality and innovative advanced technology that has been used in the chassis, electronics and housing in both of the speakers.
The “Made in Germany” ORKAN VIII active upright speaker uses three amplifiers, which combine to produce 320 Watts of power and this enables it to easily fill huge listening areas with sound. The loss-free direct coupling between the driver and the amplifiers means that the sound transducer, which is imbedded in an AURUM PREMIUM CABINET made by master craftsmen, is able to produce undreamed of dynamics and precision. 
For us only the best is good enough to ensure that the ORKAN VIII active produces the best possible reproduction of the vocal ranges and this is why the extremely precise mid-tone chassis from our legendary TITAN VIII speaker has been put to work in our new “active” item.
The compact ALTAN VIII active speaker also has superb fittings: The two amplifiers produce a rich 200 Watts and this small powerhouse has more than adequate reserves for music rooms, libraries as well as small to medium sized lounges, even though you might think that a speaker of this size is not capable of producing such power.
In order to be able to effectively use so much power inside such a compact housing the AURUM engineers have used an impedance control ring and a stronger magnetic system to develop a bass/mid-range stage that further reduces the distortion when compared to the passive ALTAN VIII. A chassis modified in this way produces tremendous precision and the finest deep dimension picture at the absolute high-end level.
In order to be able to tap the full potential of the active technology, specially optimised filtering circuits for making specific adjustments have been installed in the signal paths in both models. In particular, the bass and bottom tone ranges, which are often problematic in normal lounges, can be optimised to meet the existing spatial conditions thanks to a switchable high-pass filter and sensitive semi-parametrical EQ's. In addition to this, a sub-sonic filter is also used in both speakers to protect them against extreme peaking in the deep bass range.
The switchable high-pass filter can be used in 3 different modes: ‘Normal’ (no sound interference), ‘Enhanced deep bass’ and ‘Reduced’ deep bass with accompanying increased peak consistency.
The semi-parametrical equaliser with a fixed performance (1/3 octaves), adjustable peaks (± 6 dB) and a frequency adjustable between 30 and 200 Hz gives tremendous flexibility when fine-tuning the sound. For example, the features of these superb fittings enable the user to filter out any severe accentuations in the frequency range that might be caused by interfering room modes. Layout problems are now confined to the past and the equaliser ensures that you will enjoy perfect, pure sound from virtually any position, without any unpleasant peaking in the frequency range.  
The active AURUM speakers are also fitted with a high-tone gain control so that the high-tone range can function correctly in different lounge layouts, The ± 3 dB control range ensures that the sensitive high-tone intensity can be optimised to match the existing conditions.
Both “activists” not only offer non-symmetric Cinch inputs, but symmetric XLR terminals as well.