New range of DAVONE speakers - a gorgeous homage to Charles and Ray Eames chairs, are winging their way to NZ

Davone Audio is a fine specialty loudspeaker manufacturer from Denmark. If you love the famous Eames lounge chairs from the mid 1950′s then you’ll love the Davone “Rays”. Expertly crafted with bentwood cabinets and elegant metal stands, the Rays are high-end speakers with style and danish build quality. Their sound is as good as they look 

DAVONE AUDIO - making High-End audio desirable for everyone 

Davone: MOJO bookshelf speaker:
Although small and compact it delivers a sound that will astonish you with its power, precision and soundstage. Mojo out-performs any similar proportioned loudspeakers aialable today. Through its acoustic lens it obtains an equal dispersion of sound in a 360deg radius over a wide frequency range. This means that the sound experiance is perfect in any listening position. Due to its compact size the Mojo can be placed anywhere. On a floor stand, a wall or on a shelf, but there is no reason to hide it away, The Mojo is designed to be seen and felt, with its finish in soft feeling ppaint, cloth and polished solid wood.

Davone: RAY stand mtg speaker:
A gorgeous homage to Charles and Ray Eames, has a slender stand and bent-ply walnut cabinet, enabling it to fit in both traditional and modern home environments. 
Object of Desire 2010 - WIRED magazine
Audio Oasis award - RMAF 2011
CNET Top 100 products that mattred in 2011
The Davone Ray Loudspeakers may be some of the most beautiful works of sound art we have seen. The Danish made speakers are ridiculously beautiful and from the noted reviews on them, sound as beautiful. Everything is right about this set: the stands are made from tubular steel, the veneer is perfect.