New range of Brodmann Festival speakers being well received

It has been pleasing to note that out of 2 demos, 2 pairs of Brodman speakers have been sold.

Peter, was our 1st clinet to audition Brodmann, he said had no intention of buying anything, he was just here for the ride with another audiophile friend but after hearing the lovely Brodmann FS stand mtg speakers he commenetd on the wonderful piano music reproduction etc, the end result being he went away with a pair in his car.

Peters cooments:
All installed (Brodmann FS stand mtg speakers) and sounding absolutely, ridiculously, beautifully, natural.  For once my Naim gear makes music and not hifi! You will need to come and hear them another visit. 
Thanks again, I'm totally thrilled

FS Stand Mtg:

Tibor, our 2nd buyer had previously been interested in a pair of other speakers that were physically much bigger etc but once he auditioned the slim, elegant, Brodmann FS2 floorstand speakers he considered their presentaion even more true to life and asked me to delver them that afternoon, 

Tibor came back the next morning with the comment:
The only thing wrong with them was how late he stayed up that night enraptuerd with the wondeful music he was able to enjoy so he was now feeling tired for work, not such a bad problem to live with!
FS2 :

At RMAF where I first came across Brodmann (interestingly being driven by Electrocompaniet), I could clearly hear and appreciate the various differences between piano manufacturers like Steinway and Brodmann etc. If you appreciate genuine music realism then these could be the ultimate speakers for you. We would love you to also enjoy what others are now discovering and invite you to call for a demo.