NEW PRODUCTS RELEASE - ANTIPODES S30 Music server, H60 Power supply & S20 Reclocker now available:

Antipodes S30: The small form factor Antipodes S30 is our entry-level music server and yet it is based on the advanced player engine used in the K50 and K30. The only compromise made is the external power supply brick supplied as standard. But audio performance can be dramatically enhanced by adding the HSL50-based S60 power supply.

Antipodes S60 is a HSL50 power supply that can be used with any Antipodes music server that is externally powered. Not only will it transform an Antipodes S20, S30 or Antipodes S40, but it will also dramatically upgrade legacy Antipodes DS, DSGT, Core or EDGE music servers. The improvements in refinement, resolution, dimensionality, dynamics and musical expression are dramatic. The Antipodes S60 provides two 12VDC outputs, and can power any two of the Antipodes S30, Antipodes S40 or Antipodes S20. 

Antipodes S20 is a new reclocker that can be added to any Antipodes music server that has a USB Audio output. The Antipodes S20's reclocking engine is the same as the one used in the Antipodes K50. The Antipodes S20 is powered by a standard external brick power supply, but the power is cascade through an internal HSL50 regulator to provide clean power to the reclocker. The performance can be upgraded further by powering it with an Antipodes S60 power supply.