REVIEW SUMMARY: We are talking about a very well tonally balanced presentation, that is perceived as particularly rich, complete. The sound signature of this amplifier is quite similar to the Crossfire EVO, which I reviewed once for the „Enjoy The Music” magazine in terms of tonal balance, the setting of priorities, including how the objects in front of a listener are presented. Sound is warm, full, dense. Already these three words situate it in a slightly different place than amplifiers that manufacturer offered a few years ago. Older models were about being quick, transparent and delivering pure power. The new generation, perhaps in part due to the precise bias control of power tubes presents more traditional tube-ish sound, especially in the models that still use KT88, but adding to that good resolution and dynamics. This performance reminded me of other classic amplifiers using these tubes, such as: McIntosh MC275 and QUAD II. 

The Scorpio mono amplifiers very nicely fit the present Ayon's sound philosophy. It's an incredibly rich, dense performance of a warm character. Its dynamics is very high and powerful, low bass extremely well controlled. Even the Harbeth's 30- cm woofers performed accordingly, realising Gerhard's ideas about bass extension and punch. There is a proper momentum, fullness, and full control. What one gets with Ayon's more expensive amplifiers, especially triode ones, is a better resolution and selectivity. But with Scorpio one gets a sweet - both in terms of appearance and sound – compact monoblocks that can work easily with a wide range of loudspeakers, including those with a more difficult impedance curve. And the performance is sooooo enjoyable! 

Reviewer: Wojciech Pacuta - Hi Fidelity