NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Ayon HA3 tube Headphone Amp triode class-A dual chassis w volume control @ RRP $5,995

The HA-3 was developed for headphone lovers searching exclusively the very special music experience.

HA-3 presents music in an effortless way, with en ease but firmly. Anyone who has ever had earphones on his head for more than a short demo will be delighted with volume of the instruments. The sound is rich and dense, which translates into a large phantom images. It is especially clear when it comes to the vocal recordings and those with instruments that operate in the middle of the frequency range.

It's the kind of amplifier that doesn't force user to become picky about which music can and which shouldn't be played on it. 

REVIEWERS SUMMARY - tube amplifiers occupy a special place in the audiophiles' heaven. The first Ayon's headphone amplifier sounds as if Austrians had years of experience designing this type of amps. It delivers a beautiful, big, warm sound, with absolutely no irritating, no bothering elements. This is high-end, so there is no masking of details and colours, not to mention the dynamics. I have no doubt that music lovers looking for excitement and emotion in the music will be delighted. Ayon by slightly emphasising lower midrange and not attacking listener with detail (and yet differentiating recording very well) will lead them to their own imaginary, private paradise.

Is it possible to find even more refined, better sound? Sure – the top Woo Audio amplifiers (much more expensive, I should add) are even more resolving. But even they can not top Ayon in terms of this wonderful timbre presentation. And there is also Bakoon that goes even deeper into the recording, conveying in even better way its acoustics and more clearly emphasising the impact/attack that might have some significance for some eg. when listening to piano recordings. However, a set of qualities that HA-3 proposes is hard to beat and simply irresistible. So could I not award it with RED Fingerprint? Of Course, I simply don't have a choice here…..Wojciech Pacula - HIGH FIDELITY 

It impresses with it’s Single-Ended-Triode technology taken to its respective extremes by Ayon in all their products. Selected in-house AA45 Mesh super triodes, the perhaps most perfect and best sounding low-power triode for headphone amp design, are applied in combination with special super-permalloy wound output transformers.

At the HA-3 deliberately all useless gimmicks have been omitted. The HA-3 is designed without compromise in its circuitry as well as in its power conditioning; therefore, a separate top-class power supply was inevitable; on the one hand it guarantees extraordinary voltage and current stability and lowest hum.

With its powerful, airy, and lively play, paired with a superb spatiality with emotional reproduction the HA-3 drives every dynamic headphone to absolutely maximum tonal performance. From treble in brilliant resolution to absolutely authentic colourful mid-range and a deep resilient bass. At the same time, it fascinates by its incredible ease, closeness and control at any kind of reproduction that is second to none.