NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - ANTIPODES "State of Art" K50 Music Server is now in house and available for audition

ANTIPODES NEW "State of Art" has been eagerly awaited, this full-width K50 music server is their latest advance in digital audio and fully implements the new technologies delivered by the Antipodes OLADRA Project. ...

The NEW K50 is the epitome of Refinement, dimensionality, dynamics, timbre and resolution which are exceptional. The K50 gets out of the way to let you fully experience the emotional impact of the original recording.
The Antipodes K50 integrates three separately powered and isolated computation engines:
A high power engine to enable Server Apps to effortlessly handle a huge music library, re-assemble internet streams to recover the original file's sound quality, handle DSP features without loss of quality, and to serve the cleanest possible stream to the Player App.

How does it sound?
Right out of the box Penny commented how the music sounded "Purer", where as Mike drew attention to the "Super Black" background, absolute openness and clarity, we wondered how much better it could get but Mark says we will discover even more as the components burn in over the coming month, he has truely cracked it and has entered fully into the ultra high-end with his new K50, well done MARK, looking forward to whats install as it settles into the system.