NEW MAG-LEV AUDIO Levitating turntable has arrived in stock - "Wow"

Science Fiction joins hands with Analog.... its looks amazing in action and sound great too.... the NEW MAG-LEV Audio leviting turntable is, "out of this world"

AUDIO Magazine, Germany - “This machine filled me up with confidence in the restoration of humanity. It is a symbol what mankind can reach if it only has the will to reach it!” ……. Christian Möller, AUDIO Editor 

At MAG – LEV Audio we love innovation and music. We were searching for a way to give people a better, newer way to experience vinyl records. By pushing the frontier of audio technology, we were able to integrate the uplifting experience of music into the turntable design itself, bringing the feeling of zero gravity into your living room.

The First Levitating Turntable is designed for people who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design. It comes with a Pre-Fitted tonearm and cartridge This setup allows you to connect through phono in. Once you’re done, you just have to pick your favorite record, turn the turntable on, move the tone arm into position and lower the cueing lever. Then sit back, relax and enjoy.

Comes complete with TONEARM: Project 9” precision carbon-fibre armtube & headshell CARTRIDGE: Ortofon OM-10