The new KRELL Digital Vanguard 200w class-A Integrated amp with USB-DAC/Streamer/Blu-tooth/HDMI has arrived in and available for demo.

Reviewers notes:
"I love the look of the new design of the Krell Vanguard and the way the front is machined out of solid Aluminium with the Krell logo embossed on the front so it stands out nicely and gives off a cool blue glow when turned on." 

"This time round Krell have thought about the heat dissipation that really made the older KAV-400Xi like a radiator and put in two small fans at the rear of the unit to suck out the heat. They are very quiet when in operation and you cannot hear them when on, and it keeps the amp a lot cooler than the older 400Xi, which is a good thing."

"...perform tremendously with a level of performance that I could only simply imagine myself being seated in The Royal Opera House with a live performance, such is the quality of sound on offer."

"The Krell storms through this one and takes hold of the speakers with an iron fist, the bass is so fast and dynamic, energising the room with some serious SPL that it does not seem to even feel that it is breaking a sweat, it just gets louder and louder with the room and your ears giving out rather than the amplifier or speakers, just an incredible experience."

"I flicked through my library on the App on my iPhone and bring up Stuart McCallum's new album City ... and I am presented with a sound that is rich and musical .... I am surprised at how good the sound ..., this is a very musical sounding amplifier with the digital board added and really do not see the need for an additional DAC ..."

"...the Bluetooth connection... I was not expecting it to be anywhere near as good as what I had been hearing from the rest of the review as the amp has performed flawlessly.  ...mp3 quality so compressed so I need to turn up the volume on the amplifier but I am amazed at the quality. The quality of the Bluetooth transfer is probably the best I have heard of any amplifier and for quick and easy access to music this is a brilliant option."