New AYON SCORPIO Integrated amplifier has arrived in our showroom and is available to audition with your music.

It is a pleasure to introduce the new "Scorpio” KT88 class-A tube integrated amplifier from Ayon Audio, (replaces previous Orion model). The previous Orion model was considered perhaps one of the best sounding tube integrated amplifiers in its price class, the new Scorpio offers a significant step up again with its new design.

We plugged the Scorpio into our Scansonic MB series speakers via an Antipodes music server and were immediately taken by its dynamic attack and vitality, it really got the speakers dancing magnificently, producing a wide, informative soundstage, very impressive, really catching our attention, it bought a smile smile emoticon

Already I would consider it a significant step up from more typical amplifiers, it is switchable between modes offering class A - 45w in pentode / 30w in triode modes, and even though its Ayon's entry new level amp it still includes their unique AFB-auto fixed bias, so power tubes are maintained at optimum operation levels throughout their life.

At $5,995 its awesome value for such an quality amp.

Positive Feedback - 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards - The Best of the Best

"I am seriously considering buying the Orion (replaced by new upgraded Scorpio) review unit. If you can find a higher level of performance—not to mention a higher level of build and finish-at anywhere near this price please let me know."....Tom Campbell - Positive Feedback

Compared to the Arcam and Peachtree amps on hand, the Orion II (replaced by new upgraded Scorpio) easily trumps the other two in presenting the illusion of a live recording.".....Dean Seislove - Positive Feedback 
                                        "The entrance into high-end tube amplification".