More concern about MQA, - the story isn't as good as they might want you to believe

Fritz Fabiz, Gen. Mang. B&W Switzerland has made some tests with Tidal MQA and compared it with the same tracks played back from aria, here’s his conclusion:

I’ve made last week MQA listening tests. To do so, I installed Tidal desktop on our demo Aria piccolo, in order to be able to compare the stream with the same album on the server, running both via the same DAC. MQA sounded always inferior. It fattens up at bass and mid frequencies (ground tones) and it loses on details at higher frequencies. I’ve got the permission from Andreas to use and translate his article in German. It’s done and we will post it. So his smart approach on MQA is readable also in the German speaking area as well. I’ll pass it over to Lothar Kerestedian from as well. He stopped to offer MQA coded albums on his webshop”

Fritz refers to Andreas Koch’s article on MQA


Today 99,99% of MQA music content derivate from PCM, DSD or analog tape, that is remastered to MQA files that double the size of the native CD files (you can check here

So, what’s the deal to stream a compressed and encoded/decoded PCM larger file that sounds worse than the original CD? Only the music labels and Meridian will benefit by charging royalties to everyone for a technology we don’t need.



Juan Perez
Digibit - Aria