Moerch DP8 Anisotropic Tonearm wins TAS-The Absolute Sound "2012Golden Ear" award to US$5000

This is the one for the bass—and the rest, too. 

For ideal performance, a tonearm needs to have very low “effective mass” [moment of inertia, technically] vertically to minimize warp wow. But it needs to have much higher “effective mass” horizontally, where bass happens. (Bass on LPs is cut almost entirely horizontally). Anything else is just a compromise. No other ’arm gets this as spot-on correct as the Moerch. And it is completely adjustable, too, to customize things perfectly for your cartridge. The DP8 Anisotropic will play the real bass on your records correctly to give a sound from vinyl that you probably never thought was possible. And minimum-phase systems being what they are, this bass correctness improves the sound way on up beyond the deep bass into the lower mids! (If you don’t know what that technical minimum-phase stuff is about, don’t worry—just listen.) Turntables are being “bundled” nowadays with ’arms supplied at the preference of the dealer or distributor or turntable manufacturer. But pick your turntable and then try the Moerch DP8 on it before you get “bundled.” I think your ears will thank you. 
..........Robert E Greene