Just arrived our NEW EAT FORTE S turntable.

If you are in the market or looking for a new turntable and want something special, then can I encourage you to audition the EAT ForteS, I promise you that you wil be absoultley delighted, it is a stunner both in musical outcome and looks. Those who have already heard it are very excited about it, its offers huge value for money when you hear it.

From Jozephina (Mrs EAT),
Here are some pics. from Munich. Very good news is that Audio Research and Sonus Faber ( new Futura) were playing with EAT Forte S and Ikeda 12". Dave Gordon  from Audio Research thanks me a lot for an unbelievable sound that our EAT Forte S was able to reproduce together with a new EAT Colibri cartrige version from Van Den Hul in a white teflon body that was extra developed for Ikeda 12 " and Forte turntables.


Clients comment:
Thanks for last night.
I always look forward to our weekly listening sessions and now and again we have one that is out of the ordinary. Last night was one of those. I wasn’t that fussed about you bringing the EAT turntable to my place as I already have four “well thought of” turntables – as you are aware. I didn’t have any high expectations of the EAT but I was well and truly wrong.
Its ability to reproduce music in a fast, detailed and musical manner was amazing.  The bass was so tight and deep, the midrange clear and the treble natural – especially noticeable was the realistic sound of cymbals and stringed instruments.
Actually, it is a mistake to mention specific instruments as the EAT did everything so well – including voice – and there is not a hint of speed instability. As you heard, the transformation in my system was enormously positive – to the extent that I wonder how I could possibly listen to anything else.
The EAT bears comparison to a very expensive turntable that we had here some time ago but was of such a price that it was unobtainable. The EAT while not cheap appears, on the evidence of our ears last night, to be exceptional value.
As usual you have shown me that the journey is not over and I’m now thinking about rationalising my turntable collection.
Thanks for leaving the EAT with me.  I can’t wait to go home tonight and have another listening session. I’m thinking of fitting my da Vinci cartridge to the EAT but not sure that I want it to get any better – surely that’s not possible…..
Kind regards,

See: http://www.audioreference.co.nz/product/eat-forte-s-turntable-12-project-tonearm-piano-back-finish