Its been a BIG day for Frank and I to put it mildly:

What a day, just before flying out to the Munich High End Show this afternoon I had the privilege to delivery and set up a magnificent new system which included:

Magico M3 speakers,
Ayon Orthos XS Statement 300w class-A monoblocks
Dohmann Helix ONE turntable
Thrax Orpheus phono
Accustic Arts TUBE PRE-II Mk2 preamp
Antipodes DX music server
TelluriumQ Statement cables
Its a system comprising the "Best of the Best"

The 1st notes said it all, the realism, clarity, openness and dynamic dance captured our breath, Franks dream came true.

It will be interesting to compare today with what I hear at the MHES, it will take a lot to be able to match it.