It is a pleasure to introduce the NEW "NW-T” Music Network-Transport from Ayon Audio

It is a pleasure to introduce the NEW "NW-T”  Music Network-Transport from Ayon Audio which caused quite a sensation because it is the first Music Network Transport which is using a tube rectifier (6Z4)  in its power supply  and for the digital signal using a 6H14 high frequency radar tube for its SPDIF and AES/EBU digital output (Tube buffered digital output).

Besides the tube buffered digital output signal we are using a custom designed linear  super clock (Lambda 24.576 MHz) with a high precise quartz oscillator (1ppm Jitter only) for I2S and BNC. The NW-T is also equipped with a 24/192 Analog/Digital converter (ADC).

The Music NW-T is a new outstanding design which includes a Network-Transport with its “tube buffered digital output stage” and an Analog/Digital converter (ADC). The Network-Transport can be connected with any external DAC or CD-player with a digital input (DAC section).

Furthermore its built-in ADC can be used to convert analog signals (e.g. of a phono-stage) into digital signals or into FLAC files respectively and to store them afterwards in an NAS. Special attention was paid to the tube-power supply and the digital output signal, because this digital interface is significantly involved to achieve "analog-magic" sound properties in the external DAC to a large extent. 

The NW-T was designed to maintain all advantages of a tube in the power supply as well as in the digital output stage) in combination with streaming. The NW-T uniquely unifies both and offers a new dimension of sound far above its class.