Introducing UBIQ MODEL ONE - a brand NEW name in HiIGH-END SPEAKERS to the AUDIOPHILE WORLD.

We discovered these unique speakers from out of Slovenia while at the at the Munich High-End show, you can see by their outstanding architectural design and unique qualities that Igor Kante, their creator had a close friendship with Franco Serblin, after an audition we didn't hesitate to become their 1st International Distributor.

Our 1st pair of Ubiq MODEL ONEs will arrive and will be available for demo during the middle of July.

UBIQ MODEL ONE design concept -
"back to the fundamentals of a lively, powerful and dynamic music reproduction"

How is this for a wonderful spec to design speakers around:

38mm wave guide tweeter - sweet, open, soaring highs 
8" paper cone mid range - beautiful, expansive, natural texture & tone
12" paper cone woofer (sealed) - awesome, deep, powerful, controlled bass.

The drivers have much bigger than average voice coil diameters (tweeter 38 mm, midrange 54 mm, woofer 76 mm). 
All drivers are made out of proven materials that have the least damaging sonic signature: Paper/Polyester cones (no metals or ceramics here).

Lifelike dynamics and authority of the sound. Timbre and tonal colours are very natural and the transparency is excellent even at modest listening levels.

Timeless, elegant visual aesthetics based on the customisable finish which fits into every environment.

The loudspeaker enclosure is hand-build from Okoume wood. Point-to-point wired crossover. Specially designed custom wave guide for the tweeter.

Musically involving sound that creates a genuinely chilling con-cert-like atmosphere at home.