Introducing the legendary Stirling Broadcast BBC monitor speakers to the NZ/Australian market

Introducing the Stirling Broadcast (ex Rogersrange of BBC monitor speakers including the legendary BBC LS3/5a V2, designed to meet the exacting requirements of the BBC LS3/5a specification. and Stirling Broadcast's latest creation, their all new BBC LS3/6 which has just been released onto the market 

The LS3/5a V2 version utilises the new Stirling SB4424 + SB4428 drivers, and a very hi-grade ‘SuperSpec’ crossover, all housed in thin-walled ‘Reference’ cabinets that are modelled after the famous 001/002 pair featured in Hi-Fi News. 
The ‘legendary’ sonic character of the original LS3/5a has been retained, with the new model having the added benefit of a 5 year warranty and the assurance of the future availability of spare parts. 

LS3/5 a Stirling Broadcast Rodgers - manufactured under license from the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC

Check out the reviews on the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V2, including the Ken Kessler review in the September 2005 edition of HiFi News.