IKEDA analoge products now available in New Zealand & Australia

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We are excited to advise that Audio Reference have been appointed the NZ distributors for the magnificent IKEDA SoundLabs range of the lovely analoge
  tonearms, cartridges, phono cables, headshells & a step-up transformer

Reviewers says of IT-407 CR1 toneram:
"If you truly love listening to vinyl and you can afford it, you owe it to yourself to hear this arm. If you can’t afford it, don’t let it get anywhere near your system or you’ll have real regrets."

Ikeda History 
Master of Cartridge/tonearm producer spent 50 years for replaying analog and still keep his passion.
Ikeda San was born in 1929 at Koto-district in Tokyo. Starting in the times of "SP" before world war-II, though there was a blank period when he was called for the sea-force, he continiously engaged in designing /producing of cartridge/tonearm after the world war-II and went into that LP and stereo times.
In 1964, he set up his company of "Fidelity Research" as he is not satisfied with their way of design/producion in other company.
1st product was Cartridge FR-1 & tonearm FR-24, which was so hit and loved by the Imperial House.
When he sell FR-7 & FR-64S in 1978, the company grown up to the level which can be registered in the Tokyo Stock Market 2.
1st "empty core 4 pole structure" in the world of FR-7 was registered in Japan & America Patent Ofiice. But he had to close the company after 1985 due to many unfavourable circumstances.
But he never loose his passion and set up Ikeda-Sound Lab to restart production of cartridge of Ikeda 9 series & tonearm IT-407 & IT-345 without any restriction of managing the company. Not only desigining to finally assemblying, he himself do it.
Ikeda 9 series cartridges are ultimate cartridges. In addition to "empty core structure" cultivated by FR- 7,it obtained "cantileverless" first in the world of MC. Tonearm IT 407 & IT 345 was improved from FR 64 and FR 66 they take out "vibration" by separating usage of Stainless steel, Aluminum, Zince-bronze & Brass and same time improved the quality of processing.
Ikeda cartridges and tonearms are not mass-production like FR times, price is quite high, which is only one disadvantage but not so expensive compared with Koetsu,Audiocraft,Scan-Tech,Vdh,Benz Micro....
Ikeda 9 series cartridges are ultimate cartridges among MC catridges, so you can play the ideal-sound---IKEDA SOUND!!