HiFi+ AWARDS SPECIAL: MAGICO’S Innovative M3 loudspeakers joins our Best of the Best

It had a profound effect on me, and it should be heard by one and all to make that effect more commonplace. It was clear from the first bars that this is one of the most important loudspeakers I’ve reviewed…..Reviewer: Alan Sirocm HiFi+

All told, the M3 is the most exciting new product from Magico since the revolutionary M Pro, whose legacy it continues and, in many important ways, improves upon. For those of you hungering for the virtually un-obtainable Pro (only 50 pairs of which were built, most of them pre-sold), Wolf and Co. have finally provided an option that can be listened to and purchased. Whether you’re in the market for such an expensive item or not, this is a loudspeaker you need to hear—something wonderful made better…. Reviewer:  Jonathan Valin (TAS) The Absolute Sound