HiFi Advice delivers an AWESOME review on ANTIPODES new State-of-the-Art K50 Music Server:

CONCLUSION: The K50 is an Absolute Game Changer. While the CX and EX remain fantastic products and I can still see why I elected them as my references 3 years ago, the K50 does everything that the older combo does and improves on this with more fluid and more highly resolving treble, more accurate focus and increased transparency. More importantly, the K50 adds an overwhelming sense of natural flow and stunningly deep soundstaging, making other server/streamer sources sound relatively flat and mechanical in comparison. What’s especially unique about the K50 is that it not only produces music in a natural, organic and free-flowing manner, it also has great PRaT and sounds lively and upbeat. But the K50 is about more than ticking audiophile boxes. It is a Music Server that faithfully reproduces all the intricate elements of the music, and nothing but the music.