HI-FI WORLD - BEST LOUDSPEAKER CABLE AWARD 2015 - Tellurium Q Silver Diamond

Tellurium Q are renowned for the secrecy surrounding the construction of their cables. But when your products are this good, that’s completely understandable. And the Silver Diamonds are undoubtedly their best loudspeaker cable yet. They are totally uncoloured – instead acting as a wide open channel between amplifier and ‘speakers and so letting more of the music flow through to let you know exactly what the rest of the system is doing. “They allow the entire frequency range to be heard in full resolution without any harshness – unless it happens to be on the record in the first place” we said. "On Jean Francaix’s ‘Petit Quatour Pour Saxophones’, for example, there’s an incredibly expansive acoustic and lifelike presentation, with the tonal differences of the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones perfectly differentiated". In fact the new Silver Diamonds can easily stand comparison with cables costing up to three times as much.
Reviewed: HiFi Wor0rd October 2015 issue *