Ways To Promote Your Music Online

Over $527 million is earned annually from the New Zealand music industry with $37 million being solely from online streaming. These figures serve as motivation for music producers to create unique content using high-end music equipment to match the ever increasing demand for original music. Producing High-Resolution audio to match the existing highly digitised televisions and mobile phones is critical as fans will prefer digital music with a higher bandwidth that is easily downloadable to low-quality analog music. As a music producer, there are a variety of ways to exploit the internet to promote your music online so as to partake in the annual returns.

Owned properties

This is just a fancy word for all the hard work that this method involves. After buying high-end recording and musical equipment and producing high-resolution music videos, you need to create a website, a mailing list, a blog, and an EPK kit. Using owned properties is the professional way to market your music online, as serious groups or individuals are more likely to visit websites. Blogging regularly also increases your ranking on sites such as Google that channel new users to your blog and website if linked. Compiling email addresses of your loyal fans and continually adding new subscribers so that they get notified whenever you post a new blog or upload a new music piece is a brilliant technique. Nevertheless, if you are too busy or unable, you can hire someone to create a website and write catchy blogs for each music piece you release.

Social media platforms

It is almost impossible to keep up with how fast the internet is growing. Social media has however made it simpler. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are continuously increasing in terms of users daily. Availing your music on these platforms with a link to your website is a thoughtful way to gain new fans for your music.Promoting your music on Instagram is quite easy. Simply post videos or audios of your content on your instagram and Twitter feed and ask for friends to repost and retweet. Facebook and Instagram also have automated business marketing tools. You pay a little fee, say $3 and baaam they automatically increase traffic on your site.


The reason this is in a category of its own is that it is by far the easiest way to create a fan base with the least effort. YouTube has seen the rise of many musicians within a few minutes of a clip going viral especially if the visuals accompanying the audio are of high resolution.It is a video platform that allows you to create a channel and post content of your choice. Even more appealing is the fact that you can earn money by allowing YouTube advertisements.

Needless to say, promoting your music online is a long way up and hiring a public relations assistant can help speed up the process. The best place to start would be from social media platforms. Create unique and catchy content, post consistently and stay authentic.

...... Cassandra Knox