The first pair of Franco Serblin's beautiful Accordo stand mtg speakers are now avaiable for audition

These new Accordos are like nothing else you have seen, pure Italian atristic crafmanship, they are beautiful little gems that will sing their heart out, well above your expectations.

Sangtao's Accordo comment:
I covered and conduct first review of Franco Serblin Ktema loudspeakers and it seems I could get my hands first on official review samples when they're ready. Thanks to I... again.

For those who know Franco Serblin past works, you already know, that he prefers small two way speakers. With Accordo we can expect a revival of the same emotions, that enchanted so many audiophiles with his original Sonus Faber creations. All this and beyond he says. Yes, Accordo will need only 20W and up to be driven, so this will include many tube and pure A class solid state amps. This opens up so much to speculate in a good way. Franco is known for his use of few watt's amplifiers and he loves acoustical music. If you loved his pass creations, I'm more than sure, that you would like to get an audition.

Franco doesn't follow Sonus Faber, but it's actually vice versa . If you know the high-end industry and have seen Sonus Faber Futura or Evolution models, you know what I'm talking about. They took more than inspiration from Ktema with the inclusion of chrome and few other things. Anyhow, it's the matter of...

You might know or not, but Franco's son in law Massimo (CEO of Yter Cables), who used to work at Sonus Faber directly on building speakers helps directly with building the Ktema's. That's why there can be only 10 pair produced per month. Does this make you want them even more :)?

I'm glad, that work of artisan is extended in that way. Yes, Franco can get his hands on the best wood and use best craftsmanship in Italy (and he does),  but it's great to know that finalization is made in-house.