Electrocompaniet and Brodmann at California 2012 (CAS) - magical, very inviting, highly accurate and expressive.

Moving over now to rooms that was smaller by comparison to the larger suites I visited Peder Beckman the chief operating officer for Electrocompaniet. Peder works out of Oakland California but the factory and main office are in Stavanger Norway.

Electrocompaniet had its own dedicated room plus another adjacent room shared by Brodmann Acoustics.

The Electrocompaniet room had their Nordic Tone Model 1 Reference loudspeaker ($29,500) driven by their AW250-R stereo amplifier ($9999).

Normally a room this size would tend to kill the magic of larger loudspeakers (165 pounds apiece) yet this Electrocompaniet system was magical in sound as well as appealing in looks as it displayed bass that was both large and tight. The music from that room in fact sounded much larger than I would have expected and was a place I found myself not wanting to leave anytime soon. This would be a great loudspeaker to get into my reference review room with its ceiling sloping upwards from eight feet front and rear to peak at thirteen feet in the middle. Given some extra room I am tempted to think they would breathe even more life into the music than it did that day.

As for their second room Electrocompaniet took on the role of being the supporting electronics for the Brodmann Acoustics loudspeakers.

In that room was the Electrocompaniet ECI-6DS ($6495) integrated amplifier and their EMP 2 multi disc player ($3995) which is capable of doing Blu-ray in 2D or 3D, CD, SACD, DVD and DVD Audio.

The three Brodmann Acoustics loudspeakers present that day were the Model VC 7 ($26,000 a pair) the Model VC 2 ($19,000 a pair) and sitting in the back of the room was the JB 155 ($65,000 a pair).

Unfortunately for me the JB 155 was not playing at this show but if it sounded better than either of the VC 7 or VC 2 loudspeakers I would love to hear them. Most of my time was spend listening to the VC 7 with a sound that was very inviting, highly accurate and expressive. I would definitely like a little more time alone with these.