EAT introduce their new High-End E-Go Phono Stage at Vegas....

EATs lovely CEO Jozefina, is seen here sitting proudly with her 2 new creations, the NEW E-glo Phono Stage and NEW E-go 12" Reference Tonearm created exclusively for them by Graham, based on their famous Phantom II Supreme tonearm.. These 2 new items match up with their phenomenal EAT Forte and Forte-S turntables to help bring you towards the ultimate vinyl expression.

The new EAT E-glo phono preamp resembles a reel-to-reel tape recorder, don't you think? It features an outboard power supply and uses high quality parts including Mundorf caps. Tubes are the "usual suspect" dual triodes, though there are three per channel, which is one more than usual. 
Capacitive and resistive loading are easily adjustable from the chassis top, with the chosen value shown on illuminated numbers on the front of the wooden trim. This is a prototype unit. The final version will feature gloss wooden trim. 

Full technical deatils to follow shortly