The Davone Mojo is exactly the sort of speaker the high-end industry needs to make more of—and stat. It’s small enough to appeal to non-audiophiles, and the sound is distinctive enough to knock out anyone who comes within spitting distance. Yes, it’s that

Steve Guttenberg of TAS - The Absolute Sound reviews the Davone Mojo life style / book shelf speakers and is amazed at their  performance.

"The Mojos put you inside the recording venue. 
Take Janis Joplin’s recently released Live at the Carousel Ballroom 1968 CD. It may have an amateurish stereo mix, but even so, the Mojos cut loose the hippieinfused, psychedelic blues-rock in all its glory. The MTV Unplugged Collection disc is even better, with the Paul Simon, Rod Stewart, and Paul McCartney tracks eerily realistic.
Setup is super-easy, and since the Mojo is an omnidirectional speaker, “toe-in” isn’t required. However, I recommend keeping the top of the speakers near the height of a seated listener’s ears. Speaker stands aren’t the best way to go. The Mojo wants to be on something with a bigger base. I used a pair of kitchen stools.
In truth, the speakers will be equally happy resting on a desktop, credenza, dresser, or end table(s). Placement options are lifestyle-oriented, but moving the speakers out into the room opens up the sound, especially compared with near-wall placement results."
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