darTZeel is proud introducing it’s first integrated line amplifier with full digital streaming capabilities with 24/352.4 PCM / 2x DSD DAC. - available for demo

How about a totally unique, Powerful, High-End Intergarted Amp that will also Stream your music from a computer / NAS drive etc.  darTZeel are unconventual in many respect they look outside trhe squioer to bring you special componets that are highly regarded around the world. Typical Swiss craetive engineering at its best. 

It's powerful, easy to use, extremely versatile, the LHC-208 fills the gap between conventional DACs and integrated amplifiers available so far; After demoing it at CES last year we have finally received our 1st unit and its avaiable for demo. With its innovative design, darTZeel breaks the musical frontier of dematerialised music. 
Whatever the source format, the LHC-208 will treat, decode and play digital files as if it WERE PURLEY ANALOG.