Darcy Proper on the awesome Krell Evolution 400e amplifiers. . .

We are proud to announce that Darcy Proper of Wisseloord StudiosWisseloord Studio

won a Grammy award for Best Surround Album 2013.
The album is Patricia Barber's Modern Cool on Premonition Records. Darcy uses 10 Evolution 400emonaural amplifiers, in two sound rooms for her work.  We would like to think that our amplifiers played a part in her success.


Darcy on the Evolution 400e amplifiers. . .


 400e Front                                                        "The moment we hooked up the Krells, everything just fell into place - musical detail, imaging, dynamic contrast, frequency response - it was all there.  My amplifier/loudspeaker system is

the most critical tool in my work.  If I can't trust what I hear coming out of my loudspeakers, then I can't do justice to an artist's vision of his or her music.  Quite simply, Krell amplification gives our mastering room the accuracy, musicality, and power I need to make music sound its best."


 Patricia Barber Modern Cool


Check out Darcy during her Grammy acceptance speech by clicking the following link:  Wisseloord Grammy Acceptance