Clearaudio's new, Ovation, "Turntable of the Year Award winner" has arrived

The revolutionary Clearaudio Ovation turntable is here and ready to sing for you!
We have both the Ovation Black and Ovation Wood, these are the new big brother to the multi award winng Concept turntable: The new clearaudio "Ovation" turntable includes many existing clearaudio innovations and introduces new cutting-edge technology:

The main chassis consists of a complex sandwich of materials: aluminium - bullet-proof-wood - aluminium. Within the precision-machined bullet-proof-wood layer, clearaudio have introduced an elaborate resonance damping measure: an internal 'mat' comprising approximately 100.000 tiny stainless steel balls.

The powerful and smooth-running DC motor is integrated within and is effectively decoupled by the main chassis. Clearaudio's OSC 'Optical Speed Control' technology continuously monitors a micro infrared strobe to ensure exact speed stability.

The motor is hidden beneath the platter and drives the precision machined aluminium sub-platter via a precision machined POM main platter are supported by clearaudio's patented CMB Ceramic Magnetic Bearing'. 

The drive system is operated by four blue illuminated buttons, ergonomically integrated into the front left of the chassis.

These  tables are suppied fitted with the revolutionary new Clearaudio 9" Clarify tonearm which features a magnetic bearing, carbon fiber armwand, machined aluminum headshell, and low center of gravity counter-weight assembly adjusted by internal mechanism, however if wanted then almost any commercially available 9 inch tonearm can be fitted by virtue of the easily interchangeable armboards.

"With no tricky setup required, Clearaudio's Ovation delivers impressive clarity of definition, transparancy to the source, and excellent overall tonal balance. [...] It all adds up to a terrific value - and our Turntable of the Year Award winner."
.......Wayne Garcia, TAS-The Absolute Sound 

Highly Reviewed in the October 2011 TAS!:
All things considered, I view the Ovation as a major success. Clearaudio has easily met its goal of bridging the gap between high-end sound and real-world convenience. This easy to set up, maintain, and operate package will bring its owners years of musical satisfaction. And that counts for us audiophiles as well as "normal" people."
- Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, October 2011, Issue 216

The new Clearaudio Ovation:
"Beautifully designed, elegantly ergonomic, captivatingly entertaining." 
"What will one of record player actually even more?"
(Quote from the magazine LP October/November, Edition 6/2011)

Hi Terry,
The  Ovation turntable started to sing last night after an hour or so….Pauline came down from our bedroom and asked for it to be turned down so that’s a good sign. Played some classical music and opera and strings and voices sounded marvellous. Will keep you updated.
Cheers, DB