Clearaudio are proud to announce the Accu Drive, our new Intelligent Turntable battery power supply: 100-240vac/24vdc 16w.

The high performers in Clearaudio’s turntable range – including the Innovation series, Ovation and Performance DC - all use sophisticated decoupled high-torque DC motors. Even in the top models that feature technological advantages such as Clearaudio’s optical speed control (OSC), the drive system is vulnerable to degradation from a polluted mains power supply.
Enter the Accu Drive: a revolutionary turntable DC power supply. It pairs twin lead acid batteries with a complex electronic security mechanism to protect against short circuit, overload, noise and voltage fluctuations. The Accu Drive‘s intelligent charging system maintains the batteries in optimum operating condition and feeds the turntable drive system with the perfect 24-volts, with less than 0.2 mV deviation. The result? Excellent pitch stability and a purity of sound beyond expectation.