CD DISCK ROT (what?)

CDs had one thing right, they were going to last forever. Now, studies show that may not always be the case. 
At issue is the fact that optical media uses a combination of different chemicals and manufacturing processes. That means that while the data storage and basic manufacturing of a disc are standardised, the particulars of how it was fabricated aren’t. Particular makes and particular batches are subject to different ageing characteristics. And with some of these failures occurring in less than ten years, we’re finding out just how susceptible discs are outside of lab test conditions.
In short, these flaws appear to be fairly widespread. The problem can be traced back to using faulty dyes which can cause disc failure in under ten years. And part of the problem is there's no way to know which process your disc might have.  
My advice? Start ripping the CDs that really matter to you.
Once ripped to a hard drive and backed up, your library should be safe. Playback can happen through any number of devices
….. Paul McGowan (PS Audio)