Cable shoot out:

Like many, we believe good cables can make a significant difference, In March George Fracchia of ZenSati cables came to demo their #2 & #3 ranges of these unique Danish hand crafted cables.  

Many of you may not be aware of this brand however  ZenSati cables from Denmark claim:
“to be the most neutral, super fast and musical cables currently available. They are the new reference”.

To give you an idea of their reputation, Michael Fremmer of “Stereophile “ now uses  ZenSati interconnects and speaker cable as his reference cables, that can,t be a bad vote of approval.

Quote off ZenSati website:

ZenSati cables are the most neutral ,super fast and  musical cables  currently available. They are remarkable  for their speed and crystal clear signal transmission and no other cable can match.  ZenSati cables introduce no lag, loss, or distortion as the delicate audio signal is conveyed from one component to the next.
ZenSati cables were developed with extensive  reference and use of high performance electronics, (Lamm,  Krell, Audio research, Ypsilon  etc.) and speaker systems (the full line of Wilson Audio , Sonus Faber , Surrountec,  Cessaro  etc.). We are very serious with our claims about our cables. Manufacturers of high performance electronic components and speakers over the last few years have benefited from huge improvements in  the availability of very fine  parts and components. Speakers and electronics are now very neutral. ZenSati is the only cable today that can do justice to high performance equipment and speakers . All music from the bass through to the midrange and high frequencies sounds and feels so correct.

For more information please visit:

All this hype is well and good, I am sure you have read similar claims many times about all sorts of audio gear, so we took the opportunity to challenge George and his cables to a shootout, to compare them with other highly regarded cable brands like WireWorld Platinum,  Nordost Frey, Furutech’s Reference, Ramses Reference and Neotech’s ultra pure silver cable.

When you read their information, your find that all these manufactuers claim to be the one whose cables are the most neutral, however it was an eye opener to everyone just how differnt these high end cables really were, each bought different strengths and weaknes to the table.

This is not the place to go into all the ins and out of each brand, you needed to be here for that. but I would like to acknowledge those who allowed their cables to be a part of the demo, a number chose not to put their cables up for demo, I have to wonder why, however it was a very informative afternoon, each brand had their own special, unique qualities,  however suffice to say that we have selected ZenSati cables to take the place of honour for our high-end cables and we have placed an order on the factory for a full complement of their #3 range of interconnects and speaker cables. Maybe someday we will find a way to justify the #2 range, they were sublime,   

When the ZenSati #3s are installed we will make an open invitation to come along with your music to enjoy the experiance, it will definately be worth the trip.