Brinkmann Balance 2-arm turntable receives an outstanding review by "The EAR"

...... none have had such a stately bearing as the Balance II, you can hear the engineering in turntables and this one sounds like a Rolls Royce.

…..the Brinkmann shows off its imaging skills with results that are positively holographic. 

..….the bass is inevitably a strong point on a turntable like this, both in its extension, speed .

......Iand It’s quite a visceral experience with a turntable like this.

......It has the  ability to keep you pinned to the chair.

......the turntable is so calm, distortion levels are way below those usually encountered with turntables, so it’s able to resolve fine details to a higher degree, a far higher degree to be frank. 

......this is an incredibly revealing record player that can easily turn an audio signal into a source of top flight entertainment. It’s not only able to deliver detail, separation and precision but it combines all of these elements to deliver an addictive sound that lets you get the most out of your vinyl.