BREAKING NEWS - KRELL INDUSTRIES, LLC - Management / Ownership Reorganisation Orange, CT, June 7, 2016

 Effective immediately Rondi D'Agostino will return to Krell Industries, LLC as the Managing Director. After a lengthy hiatus from day to day operations Rondi is excited to take point once again and lead the company in a positive direction forward. "I am very pleased to return to my company and to announce that the longstanding litigation between the previous shareholders is now settled." says Rondi D'Agostino.  

Rondi co-founded Krell Industries Inc. in 1980 and helped to create a world recognized electronics brand which to this day maintains a top-tier position in the high-end consumer audio products industry.

"Over the past several years Krell has weathered numerous changes within its own organization and the industry itself. Regardless of the nature or level of change, Krell always remained resilient by bringing new products to market that offered enhanced performance and forward thinking features." says Rondi D'Agostino.

Since its inception the core strength at Krell has been the engineering department which today is headed up by Dave Goodman. Dave was hired in 1987 to support the engineering team at Krell. Settling in quickly, Dave applied his superlative skills to yield products such as the KAS amplifiers, KRC-2, KBL, KPS-20i, KPS-25sc, FPB amplifiers, EV-505 and Cipher. The renowned Sustained Plateau Bias circuit topology was co-invented by Dave and was implemented in the KAS, KAS2, KSA 100s, KSA200s, KSA300s, FPB and MRA amplifiers. When Krell entered the home theater arena Dave developed leading edge products like the HTS, HTS/2, Showcase Processor, S1000, S1200, EV-707 and Foundation Processor.

New, exciting products are being developed by Dave and his engineering team that include a line of amplifiers which are expected to ship later this year. More news regarding other new product developments will be unveiled this summer. All Krell products are engineered and manufactured in the USA at the factory in Orange, CT.

After decades of satisfying home audio enthusiasts with the most accurate, three-dimensional, and dynamic sound available, Krell Industries was able to replicate the same high-end performance in the luxurious interior of the 2014 Acura RLX. This very successful venture continues and has yielded a new found opportunity with Hyundai Motor Company through Kia Motors flagship K7 sedan. Our contributions to these projects are rewarding on many levels and help to increase Krell's brand name awareness on a worldwide basis.

"I look forward to reuniting with all of our dealers, distributors, independent sales representative and members of the press who have been so important to the continued success of Krell and express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have supported Krell over many years." says Rondi D'Agostino.

Krell Industries, founded in 1980, is the premier manufacturer of high-end audio/video equipment that includes amplifiers (2channel /Multi channel), preamplifiers, CD/DVD players and AV processors.