Back on deck with feet under the desk again.....

We are home again after a wonderful week away in Rarotonga together, Penny scored 11 out of 10 for arranging such a lovely holiday where all you can do is stop and relax, enjoy a delectable selection of exotic foods with the occasional wine and cocktail, I even go to read 3 books lazing by the pool / sea.

Rarotonga is a very nice place to go when you only have a short time out and need to recharge the batteries, very few shops to get side tracked in, just full on relaxation, entertainment ......not too hard.  

Looking forward to catching up with you all, we have landed a couple of pieces of the beautiful new Lindemann componebts, a Streamer/CD/Network payer and matching stereo amp to trial in our own setting and we have a new selection of Ayon gear on its way to us shortly, to replace all our gear thats been sold, so lots of toys to enjoy.