The new Overture MK3 is a 3rd generation entry level speaker for AudioSolutions.

This 3rd series Overture introduces completely new looks compared to its predecessor. These rather drastic visual changes marks a completely reworked speaker - a cabinet, drivers and crossover structure.
The Mk2 series won many awards, the new Mk3 takes this to another level.

WHATS NEW WITH OVERTURE Mk3 series speakers?
A) NEW completely reworked cabinet structure. New Overture series is introduced with the same cabinet structure like Figaro and Virtuoso - a Cabinet-in-Cabinet system which is superior compared to previous Overture cabinet
B) NEW Seas based silk dome tweeters.
C) NEW reworked mini-horn loading for more effective and time-aligns drivers better. The sound clarity and response is much better.
D) NEW Figaro based Sb based drivers
E) NEW outrigger spikes holders with small spike and cups for sturdy support.
F) NEW Colour choice - new colours include high gloss HG Black and HG White for the front baffle. The sidewalls and back are matt black. For an additional price customers can also choose between3x Matt Wood colours for the sidewalls - Light Oak, Mahogany & Weng (the front baffle colour does not change with the choice of HG Black or HG White).
G) NEW redesigned Magnetic Grills.
H) NEW Packing - redesigned and made more sturdy and practical.

New Mk3 models start off with 304F and 305F models available now, the 303F, 302B stand mtg & 301C centre speakers to follow soon.