Audio Reference brings on board the highly regarded STILLPOINTS isolation agency

With the demise of our previous Finite Element brand we have been searching for a suitable high-end isolation solution that would help realise the maximise potential for our clients audio systems, components and speakers. 

After an intensive search for the right product we are pleased to announce that Audio Reference have been offered the mutli-award winning STILLPOINTS agency for New Zealand.

There is a lot to discuss about just how and why STILLPOINTS will take your system onto the next level, the change is often dramatic, however perhaps a note to explain that Stillpoints are Unique in that they are the ONLY Truly Bi-Directional isolation feet in the market today, this means there is NO Vertical Pass Through,  the device Totally Decouples the product it is supporting from the room and dissipates the extraneous vibrations into heat, where as all other such devices primarily act as a dampening device which among other issues adversly effects the tonal balance.

This is one of the reasons why with STILLPOINTS there is NO Tonal Shift whatsoever.

A few of the wonderful outcomes you will achieve by installing STILLPOINTS in your system:
* No tonal shift whatsoever
* More defined bass
* Cleaner more open sound
* Resolution like no other
* Wider dynamic range
* More expression in micro dynamics wood textures etc
* Much more like the natural instrument
* Wider sound field
* Great natural harmonics
plus so much more.....

You are welcome  to see the results for your self in our demo room however we also we have a professional Stillpoints isolation kit that we can bring to your system and demonstrate the various possibilities that will bring you even greater enjoyment from your existing gear,  to discover just how great your system can really sound we invite you to ring for an appointment 

NOTE: Hi-Fi reseller inquiries welcomed

                                                   Reviewers summary comments:

Stillpoints ESS racks just might be the best system upgrade you will ever make!
"Moving my equipment to the ESS racks catapulted the sound of my system into a completely new realm. The musical effect was startling. The soundstage was more detached from the loudspeakers, with a greater palpability of instrumental images. I heard a greater sense of air and space around voices and instruments, giving the presentation a more three-dimensional quality. Images were not just more present spatially, but texturally as well by virtue of the greater resolution of very fine information that increases the density of tone color. Switching to the ESS racks made the soundstage considerably wider, deeper, and more three-dimensional. The apparent size of the hall increased, and with it, the duration of reverberation times. I could hear down into the very finest spatial details, as though some limit to low-level resolution had been stripped away...Frankly, I’m a bit chagrined that I’ve been reviewing for 23 years and it took me this long to discover the benefits of no-holds-barred vibration-isolation technology. It’s a new trick that this old dog was thrilled to learn."
 - Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, September, 2012

"Everything in my system has been chosen because it contributed to the reproduction of a realistic soundstage and the timbral accuracy of instruments, and I had long assumed that I was enjoying all that the electronics and speakers could give me in terms of that realism. The Stillpoints ESS 28-40-3 rack showed this assumption to be baseless. From the sweetness of the highs to the solid bass, everything had a rightness to it. I suspected from the first listening session with my components on the Stillpoints rack that it was something special. You can’t see it working, but you sure can hear it."
 - Norm Lutbeg, 
“With the Stillpoints Ultras, the soundstage opened up with greater width, depth, and bloom around images…Stillpoints made the background 'blacker' and quieter, allowing greater clarity and resolution…not inexpensive, but in the context of a high-end system, they provide a huge sonic return on the investment!”
 – Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, December 2011 
"The Stillpoints LPI immediately imposes a sense of balanced calm on proceedings: the band step away from the speakers, the recording becomes a single, coherent entity, while the stereo perspective becomes much more natural, especially in terms of height. The drum kit solidifies into a single compact unit, rather than having elements scattered across the soundstage, the chiming guitars are both better separated and more insistent. But most telling of all is the drop in apparent volume; the music doesn’t seem so loud because so much hash and noise has been stripped away...I’ve found no music that fails to benefit from the LPI and it has become an essential piece of the turntable setup."
 – Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat, July 2012
“…we used the Stillpoint isolation devices under the [$39,000] Burmester 911 Mk III amplifiers (and to wonderful effect). The Stillpoints opened up the sound of the amps to a remarkable degree!”
 - Harry Pearson, Founder and Chairman, The Absolute Sound
"They've (Stillpoints) brought a cleanness and sophistication to my system that I've grown addicted to."
 - Graham Abbot, Positive Feedback Online