We had a great CES show! 
Everyone was excited about the NEW EL8 Titanium with the Lightning cable – Audeze is THE FIRST headphone company to have a fully integrated Lightning cable solution for Apple iDevices (iPhone/iPad/iPod). 
This design takes the digital audio data directly form the solid-state drive in the iDevice and bypasses ALL the internal DAC and amp circuitry of the iDevice. 
The digital audio data goes directly to the DAC/DSP/Amp in our special Lightning cable, giving better audio quality and more output. 
Additionally, the voice call quality is improved! It comes with an EQ app with 2 user presets.

The NEW EL8 Titanium will be approx RRP NZ$1,450 incl GST, it should be available to Audeze dealers when we have more chips; we expect late Feb 2016. (Right now, we only have enough chips to supply the APPLE orders).

We do have plans to offer the Lightning cable separately when more chips are available – expect April or May at approx RRP NZ$275 incl GST. 
It will be backwards and forwards compatible with all EL8s.

Note - we have NO plans to make an Android or universal version.

The new SINE headphone from Audeze is the first on-ear planar magnetic headphone – it’s lightweight, folds flat, and sounds great. 
Once again, the amazing industrial design is by one of our strategic partners, BMW. 
RRP will be approx NZ$895 incl GST and shipping should begin in March or April.

A SINE Lightning cable version should be available in April or May at approx RRP NZ$1,100 incl GST.

It is important to note the EL8 and SINE headphones are not designed as “step-down” versions of our LCD series headphones. Instead, they are designed to be the next “step up” for current Beats / BOSE / Skullcandy, etc. owners who now want something better.

Here’s the link to the SINE headphones images (the EL8 Titanium images are on our website in the Press Kit section):…/o1937k…/AAAtHWXqUjRMIkp0Z5ihIIlHa…